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Selling your home is a complex financial transaction, but it can also be an extremely emotional experience as well. You will certainly have a selling price in mind and will expect to realize the return on this important investment, but often times you are also selling a home where memories have been made. The entire process may appear to be complex, and a bit overwhelming. It is not a good time to be alone.

This is where the highly trained and motivated agents of Happy Home Realty come in. Happy Home Realty is one of the top independent Real Estate Agencies in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, and their agents having extensive experience in all aspects of buying and selling homes. They are not only able to put your home in front of a wide selection of potential buyers, but have the commitment and skill to help you realize the maximum dollar price possible. Just as important, they understand and appreciate the human side, and are able to provide the advice and guidance that will make the entire process not only profitable, but also as painless as possible.


From how to prepare your home to be shown to potential buyers to the last signature on the last piece of paper, your Happy Home agent will be there to smooth the way and answer any questions. Your agent will insure that your home is properly listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to insure that the maximum number of agents and prospective buyers are aware of it. When the time comes for the sometimes awkward process of showing your home to the buyer, your agent will be there to help present your home in the best possible way and to answer questions. During the critical negotiation stage, the agent is there to use their experience and training to support you while understanding that the final decisions must remain yours.


When you chose Happy Home Realty to help you sell your home, you are no longer alone. You have your agent, and the entire Happy Home team standing behind you. They are in the business of not only putting money in your pocket, but a big smile on your face.

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