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Chattanooga. The very name conjures up visions of Southern Hospitality and a famous Choo Choo. It is a name out of the history books. That is only part of the story though, as Chattanooga is also a vibrant and modern city that was voted “One of the Best Cities in the World” by US News and World Report. There are really a lot of reasons why someone would chose to buy a home in Chattanooga.


Whatever your reason to want to buy here, when you join the growing number of people looking for Chattanooga homes, there are a lot of reasons to choose Happy Home Realty.


Ÿ         Happy Home Realty makes it easy   Buyers can search for homes listed on the Chattanooga MLS right on the website. There is an excellent relocation service and complete concierge services for people moving from out of the area.


Ÿ         Happy Home Realty has it all.  From river front properties on the Tennessee River, and lake front properties on Chickamauga Lake to Mountain homes perched on Lookout and Signal Mountains, Happy Home Realty has the variety of listings to match your needs. They are licensed in three states, and can handle home buying needs in Northeast Alabama, Northern Georgia, as well as Southeast Tennessee.


Ÿ         Happy Home Realty is working for you. Buying a home is among the most important thing a person will ever have to do. It is a process that can cause a great deal of stress. Happy Home Realty’s trained professionals understand that. As an Independent Realtor, you are never just a statistic on some National sales report here. You are a valued customer. We are here to take you through the search and the buying process step by step.


Buying a home is an important decision. You do not only have to live with it, but you might also have to live in it! Make your first decision a good one by contacting Happy Home Realty.



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